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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven... We have a message for you.

So what if you "claim to win 2008".

The Love You Brisbane Appreciation Society will not accept any victory if it was made using networked programs, having a attitude that Brisbane viewers aren't good enough for separate promotion, by destroying your history for office space that leaks badly and risking a backlash if Kay leaves to join the Paige / Lofthouse issue at 9.

Thanks for nothing 7. Networking can go to hell!

The Love You Brisbane Appreciation Society

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brisbane TV turns 50- My top ten Brisbane TV moments

2009. Brisbane's 150th as a city, Queensland's 150th as a state and Brisbane TV's fiftieth. If one were to pick the greatest moments of our TV industry, our list would be full of interstate imports. But if you restricted that list to moments that affected Queenslanders or brought Queensland to the world, it would be a fine list. So here is my top 10 moments over the last fifty years.