60 Years of QLD TV

Days elapsed since Local Edition's end.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

BTQ-7's role in the Brisbane area: Part 2-The stations 50th...

As most readers have known, with my recent post, asking Seven to stop turning it's collective back on Brisbane viewers and pour money into BTQ's future, this blog is often very critical of Seven, in a complete 360 of what the "old" media often portrays, which should be standing up for the common viewer, especially in light of recent events, eg. Extra axing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

50 years of Brisbane TV: Part 8-Still The One: 50 Years of Brisbane's Channel 9

The wait is over... A golden anniversary is being marked. Welcome to Part 8...

The genesis: TV is coming to Brisbane, a case of when, not if.
When television began in this country nearly fifty-three years ago, it was a purely Sydney-Melbourne medium. Brisbane waited it's turn, until 1958, when the first two licences in Queensland were up for bids (alongside two in Adelaide, what became NWS-9 and ADS-7, later ADS-10 and one in Perth, TVW-7). Of these prized Brisbane commercial TV licences, one was sold to Queensland Television Limited, (what became QTQ-9) and the other to Brisbane TV Limited (which became BTQ-7), and the planning began...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

50 Years Of Brisbane TV-The fifty icons of Brisbane TV

It's time to blow out some birthday candles, But that's tomorrow. Welcome to the 50 Years Of Brisbane TV "Super Saturday" where we honour the greats of our industry, and look back on those decisions that define our city's industry. We'll give a promo treat, and some programs that we loved from our home town. And of course, those "Only In Brisbane" moments! The idea for the top 50 (originally a top 20), came from the recent Q150 Icons poll, except, ours was personally selected by this blog's sole editor, Kuttsywood. We start now with the ten greatest personalities from Brisbane, over the last fifty years:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

BTQ-7's role in a growing Brisbane area: Part 1-2010 and beyond

The mood in the Rivercity is turning, like a westerly prior to the EKKA.

This is a "What If" situation, i.e what does Seven need to do to change the current view in people's minds of what was once "Brisbane's own Channel 7". But how to achieve the change in perception? This is what this post will explain in detail, along with the twelve steps to achieve it.