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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The 2012 Vision-Part 3: Simply The Best-A Broncos dynasty

The official Twitter hashtag for this post is #2012visionBBD (Brisbane Broncos Dynasty).

This post is dedicated to John Miller, ex. 4BC, State Affair, 4BK, who passed away on   September 7, after a fall at his home two weeks earlier. He was 59. He will be missed by the Brisbane community both in television and radio circles.

Welcome, to the grand finale, of the 2012 Vision, on NRL Grand Final day 2012. As we look forward to the Melbourne Storm and Canterbury (two teams who have made history as the two clubs who took the quickest time to win a inaugural premiership after being admitted into the top flight of rugby league in Australia: Melbourne won their first premiership after two seasons in the NRL in 1999, and Canterbury won their first premiership after three seasons in the (then) NSWRFL in 1938) going out on the grand stage at Stadium Australia, and trying to etch their names in rugby league history, there are probably many Brisbane Broncos fans, who are remembering this year, due to one match, that sparked a dynasty. It was 20 years ago this weekend: that the Brisbane Broncos won their first premiership, in the Sydney competition (as it was then).

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kuttsywood's Couch's 5th annual guide to Daylight Saving delays on FTA in Queensland

Welcome to a post that in it's five years of existence, has evolved to become a tradition and is well loved by all readers. This post also kicks off our 5th birthday celebrations, albiet two months early as part of our Super Weekend: tomorrow being the final part of the 2012 Vision: Simply The Best, a Broncos Dynasty. To help out with keeping the spirit of the first 2012 Vision post, on daylight saving this year alive, we will adopt a hashtag that is designed to be a wakeup call. #embraceDST is the unifying force, to get Queensland to join it's southern state counterparts: in not switching public holidays, but in switching our clocks ahead 1 hour. Earlier this year, I went to Miami, in the US, a city around the same distance from the equator as Bundaberg, yet they are on the same timezone all year round, as New York and Washington DC. DST means that the "Cruise Capital Of The World" isn't hampered by timezones during peak tourist season, like our tourism industry is. We begin this years guide: with a quick wrap of each channel's fixed offerings, although the floating offerings will be on the DST Updates starting next week.