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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kuttsy's Pitch V: The Pitch To The Future

The hashtag is #kpitchV

The hypothetical "Pitch From The Past", will be out shortly. It is designed to be read and compared with this post as a companion: thus references to it in this post will be retained.

Welcome to the the future. A future many people five years ago wasn’t even expecting. This is the fifth edition of a enigmatic series. This is a pitch to the future, This is Kuttsy’s Pitch V.
After looking back on what could have been our past if events turned out different, we are reminded of our reality. Brisbane Extra, in June next year will have been gone for five years. Seven in that time have gone through a generational change at 6pm, much like Nine did in the wake of the Extra axe, but one thing still plagues them. Bruce Paige, helping spearhead Nine’s revival, much like a quarter of a century ago. But we ask these questions so you, the viewer don’t have to.