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Friday, October 2, 2015

Kuttsywood's Couch's 8th annual guide to Daylight Saving delays on FTA in Queensland

Welcome, to the eighth installment of this site's iconic DST guide. As I mentioned earlier this year, the DST Update series has been given a honorable retirement. After all, here it is again:
 "... because of a lack of content to fill it, especially as ratings last year ended with very little first run content to warrant weekly updates: as well as the changes concerning NRL and V8’s, not to mention Queensland’s slowly inching towards the reality that within a year or so live streaming of content online from the southern states will be part and parcel of life: however the DST guide will return in 2015 as well as the long held tradition of horse tipping on Melbourne Cup Day will remain in memory of Doug Murray..."
The bolded/underlined text is one prediction this site has been proud to say we got correct, not due to Netflix, Stan or Presto: but due to Seven announcing it's intentions to live stream all it's channels online from December 1. As for the Doug Murray horse tip, it will be part of Kuttsywood's Couchcushion's new series, that is a tribute to the not so golden ideas of the last 60 years, that would have never ever appeared on David Lyle's Golden Years of Television: simply put... "The Not So Golden Years of Television". There's a new edition each week, and we have ideas until Feburary... at the moment, and there should be a new one up shortly, and we have found the perfect thing to match that very racing tip, along with one clip matching up with Kuttsy's Pitch VII: Unlucky7 on November 11. Now on with the guide with a slight addition at the end: