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Friday, May 22, 2009

Q150: What does Queensland mean to you?

As we leave May behind, we head towards June, Queensland Week, and the official 150th birthday of Queensland on June 6.

The 50 Years of Brisbane TV series will take a wide look, on what makes Queensland great, including some classic ads, and some of our defining moments, that only Queenslanders can produce. As the saying goes, "It's our land, my land, Queensland".

Friday, May 15, 2009

50 years of Brisbane TV Part 5: The Gold Coast, Queensland's TV production hub

Dedicated to... Charles "Bud" Tingwell AM, a icon of Australian film and television, who has achieved many honours in his long career, 1923-2009.

This month we have left Brisbane behind again, to this time focus on Queensland's TV production heart, the Gold Coast, and look at it's two distinct roles in the history of the Queensland industry, first being the place where our early stars got away from it all, and second, the film and television sector wanting a piece of "Australia's Hollywood".

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Regional Television Month, bids adeiu...

As we say goodbye to Regional Television Month, we forward on to our next themed month, GC Shines Month, where our focus switches again from Brisbane, this time to our fast growing neighbour to the south, the Gold Coast, which has become a major production centre, in the last twenty years, all due to the development of Warner Roadshow Studios at Oxenford, which also spawned the Warner Bros Movie World theme park (which opened in 1991).