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Friday, July 27, 2012

The race begins: GC 2018 Comm Games broadcast rights.

UPDATE 19/8/14: Seven has just been announced the winner of the GC 2018 host rights fight. If you have been directed here by Google after hearing about it tonight: visit this post's sequel, it gives a great look at transport requirements for 2018.

Normally, I'd save a countdown, for the "DST Update" over at the "Couchcushion", but this seems apt. We are now 2077 days away from the event that will elevate the Gold Coast's stature to becoming Australia's "sixth city", the 2018 Commonwealth Games. I'm posting this, as a sort of "form guide" for the upcoming dogfight for the broadcast rights (along with the needs for the technical backbone), as it will likely be a major bidding war, for what will be, the first Commonwealth Games on Australian soil, since digital switchover in 2013. The first runner up to the mark: subscription television.