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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The 2012 Vision: Part 1, Daylight Saving

(Rewritten on 5/4/12)
The official hashtag is #2012visionDST
Welcome to the first installment, of a series entitled the "2012 Vision", celebrating the 20th anniversary of QLD's sole referendum on daylight saving, a subject that this site holds dear to the heart.

Monday, February 6, 2012

20 years of hell at half past five...

Rick Burnett, first host of Brisbane Extra.

"Hello, and welcome to Brisbane Extra. Each weekday at this time, we will be giving you a closer look at life in Brisbane, the things that annoy us, or make us smile."
Rick Burnett intro, on the very first edition of Brisbane Extra in February 1992.

From this small beginning in 1992, this is a tale of Seven's...
I wonder, how people will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Extra premiere this year. I'm choosing to mark it, with a post, looking at it from a angle one never thought of. The angle, I'm talking about, is from the problems rival channels have had in that slot since 1992: those people who sat stunned, as Extra outrated their news lead-ins (or in the case of one, their news, that had only just moved to 5pm), to the chagrin of interstate news bosses and programmers alike. It's also, a story of how Extra's success, led to the introduction of Gold Coast local news at 5:30 on Nine, and how it survived. It's a flashback, Seven won't bother running on a Sunday night, as it's full of too many bad memories... for this is a tale, of twenty years of Extra, from the other side of Mt Coot-tha, through the eyes of the network, who suffered the most.