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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ten-9-08 (part 2) The lighter side of TVQ's life story- The "inevitable" blooper reel.

By now, you have seen the Darling Downs story, from their shock buy in 1987 to aggregation in 1991, but now here is a story of a different kind. TVQ-0/10 has had many great moments, Expo 88 being the pinnacle. But what happens, when the camera's rolling and you flub your line... or your on a commercial break and the camera's still rolling... These end up either on the cutting room floor, or in the case of some of the following, end up on the station's Christmas tape to laugh at during the station's annual Christmas party. But there has been rare occasions where the blooper comes through to viewers... Sit back and enjoy the weird moments when the stars didn't get it right the first time.