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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Kuttsy's Radio Pitch

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Kuttsy’s Pitch. A series so enigmatic that it has lasted nearly a decade. Nine editions on television, and a surprisingly popular variant in late 2014: on the broken QLD public transport fare system. But to come back for spin-off #2, it took one decision by a newly merged Macquarie/Fairfax radio network to gut 4BC from almost every shift being done in BNE, to just one/two in April 2015 (along with the afternoon shift moving to Sydney recently, as well as a constant fear that drive may be networked next, leaving no local content outside hourly news for 4BC) and the move to entirely source Magic882 (the old 4BH) playlist and all, from Melbourne in early November 2015 (which flopped hard, even after utilizing 2CH in Sydney: which was waiting to be sold off), eventually leading to the highly tipped conversion of 4BH/3EE to the Talking Lifestyle format (relayed in full from 2UE) in early 2017. The 4BC move however, was the impetus for what you see before you. This is Kuttsy’s Radio Pitch.