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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kuttsy's Fare Pitch

The social media hashtags are #offtherails and #kFpitch.

Welcome to something people would have never ever expected. A Kuttsy’s Pitch spin-off: with all the trimmings that has made the concept so great for six years, in being brutally honest about Seven’s woes both at 5:30 and eventually at 6pm. But: there have been some near misses about a spinoff. The GC2018 broadcast piece of two years ago, almost became Kuttsy’s Pitch 4, along with a “Kuttsy’s Pitch 3.5” based on the “Love You Brisbane” campaign, which never made it to full realisation. But the one thing that writing the transport-based sequel to the GC2018 broadcast piece along with a couple of trips to Sydney earlier this year taught me is that QLD’s public transport fares are way too high, especially for distance based travel, compared to the southern states.