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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shaking Up The Dial

The hashtag is #shakingupthedial

Dedicated to Hec Lindsay (the art director that created the TV0 logo in 1983, we have very few details on Hec unfortunately: let us know at the Lost TVQ Facebook page, if you do have any information at all) and David Jull TVQ's first face, (1944-2011)

This post is a journey. A long journey. It starts in the early 1960’s less than three years after television was introduced to QLD, and culminates in the lead-up to Expo 88. Welcome to the conclusion: for now, of what we started on September 10 2013. We moved up the dial then, now it’s time to see how it was shaken up, at the very beginning of the 50th year for TVQ and the national 50th celebrations… On behalf of this site, and Lost TVQ on Facebook: this is Shaking Up The Dial.