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Monday, August 29, 2016

Kuttsy's Pitch VIII: #BringRickTo7

Welcome to “the tradition”. Eight years on, and Kuttsy’s Pitch is not dead. It is alive, well, and still giving our take on the industry’s biggest question: “What to do with that Brisbane market?”. Before we start, this year, we’d like to take another pat on the back. Kuttsy’s Pitch’s breakdown of Seven on the Gold Coast (and how little it cared about it, back in 2015) in November last year has achieved one thing: Seven finally returning to the GC (as much as they want to dodge the Melissa Downes question: you can’t hide from your past) with a seven day news service, in early July. So, that makes that three (four if the 7 day news service is listed separately) correct predictions from Kuttsy’s Pitch in it’s eight year history, compared to zero pilots commissioned for a Brisbane (not GC)-specific 5:30 solution by Seven, since Extra’s end in June 2009.