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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Save A Brisbane Icon-The Regent Theatre

Thirty years ago a icon stood. The "old" Regent on Queen Street. A single theatre was inside. Cinemas, theatres, picture palaces call them what you will they all have a sense of granduar. But in 1978 the first fight occurred. People marching, waving placards, blowing trumpets trying valiantly to save The Regent. The people lost and won. They lost the gigantic picture palace for four smaller cinemas but the entry was retained for heritage reasons. But now a second fight must begin. The children of those who protested the original Regent demolition, now have their own Regent to save. The spirit of "the old Brisbane, the big country town" should re-awaken in the eyes of a new generation. Brisbane is in danger of losing "itself" in a sea of southern influence. Stand up and tell people that if we take away our icons, Brisbane will not have it's own identity. If we lose our identity we will never gain it back. Brisbane, It's time to Save The Regent one more time. We are ready to fight like it is 1978 once again.

For more information go to www.savetheregent.com

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