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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Love You Brisbane Appreciation Society.

Seven... We Brisbane viewers are losing patience.
In fact, so are our friends over at www.wicketywak.com .

In a recent comment on my blog about the Love You branding, the people who run the Wickety Wak website, have told me that Seven has ignored Wickety Wak's requests for masters of their material, and have also rejected plans for a Sunday flashback, to commemorate the work that the band did for Seven Brisbane in the 1980's as the band is retiring at the end of 2008.

It is now time to kick this up a notch.
Remember the stars that were made at 7 Brisbane in it's near 50 years of operation? The late Brian Tait, David "Fordo" Fordham, Boris The Black Knight, the late Tony Gordon, Agro, Crikey The Clown and many, many others.
Seven will get the message somehow.

Youtube account holders, join the Love You Brisbane Appreciation Society Youtube group at http://au.youtube.com/group/luvyabnefanclub .

Use the spirit of 7's appalling Olympic coverage as a guide!

More information (possibly a Facebook prescence) in the weeks to come.
Love You Brisbane!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there
    I spoke to our dear friend Eric Summons over the weekend. He said that there was a reunion late last year for channel 7 staff etc. 1 week prior some big wig executive from 7 in sydney visited btq. To find more automated and office space he ordered all films/tapes from 59-94 to be incincerated as the storage and room was an issue. NOTHING has been saved from btq 7 and thats the reason why 7 cannot show any footage from classic local productions. even at the reunion Eric said they had no footage to show ,just a slide show. A very sad day for BTQ 7 indeed!
    There might be some limited back up tapes at the sound and video archive in Melbourne but only shows that went national and not many at that.
    Cheers G
    Wickety Wak