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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Kuttsywood's Couch to become segment on 7 News.

Note: This was the blog's 2009 April Fools Joke, so all content in this post is jocular in nature.

Kuttsywoods Couch is pleased to announce, that we have been contacted by Channel 7 to produce their Sunday Flashback segments, due to cost-cutting in the newsroom.

Newsroom wanderer, A Fool, has said "Having Kuttsy produce our flashbacks, will reinvigorate the segment, which has been lacking as of late, with us running back to Waynie Poo for ideas." Kuttsy's reaction has been one of shock, with him saying, "What? I thought we got the Rick-Rolling championship... Rick... I am never going to give you up, I am never going to let you down, I am never going to run around and desert you... I am never going to make you cry, say goodbye, tell a lie..."

In other news, Youtube's aussiebeachut will produce a new half-hour program, completely based from his extensive tape library, for 7 later this year. It will be five minutes of classic footage and twenty five minutes of advertorial content featuring various 7 network personalities.

In news from Channel Ten, they are apparently going move their news back to 6pm tonight, with Neighbours at 7 followed by The Comedy Company, then Perfect Match followed by Thirtysomething, which describes 10's audience in a nutshell.

And finally, Seven has decided to revive their local 5pm program Local Edition, to take on Heather Foord at Extra. Hot tips for hosts include Jillian Whiting, Ken Brown and Eric Summons.

And by the way...

I think I did tell a lie... Of course I wouldn't sign a deal with 7! (the fake wanderer is a dead giveaway!), Aussiebeachut wouldn't give up YT, Ten wont move their news and 7 wrecked all localism... Then it must be... April Fools Day!

Cheap prank!

I will leave you with three pieces for perusal, as my April Fools pranks for 2009!

Nine For Queensland-on Seven

Love You Queensland-on Nine

What QTQ should do to promote Garry Youngberry.

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  1. Dude, I already know it was a prank on the first paragraph :)

    I managed to con all my mates with the most heinous april fool prank ever today.

    - Liam (brisrangakid)