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Friday, May 22, 2009

Q150: What does Queensland mean to you?

As we leave May behind, we head towards June, Queensland Week, and the official 150th birthday of Queensland on June 6.

The 50 Years of Brisbane TV series will take a wide look, on what makes Queensland great, including some classic ads, and some of our defining moments, that only Queenslanders can produce. As the saying goes, "It's our land, my land, Queensland".

But we first pose to you a question, from the official Q150 station (Thats right 7, official), TVQ-10, What does Queensland mean to you?

This is a great effort, by a station not known for localism, as the last local campaign by the station was done in 1994. But could a surprise local campaign come out of the woodwork? After all, 2009 is also-

-21 years since TVQ-0 became TVQ-10.

-Nearing 45 years since TVQ-0 opened in 1965.

But, I pose to you, the average Queenslander, the same question. What does Queensland mean to you?

Kuttsy's answer:

Queensland means more than a great place to live. It is a place, where the best things in life, can be achieveable. It is where our lifestyle is envied by people in other states and other nations, when they come up to our state and holiday, and sample Queensland hospitality. It is a way of life, that cannot be bettered anywhere else. So what if we have our problems, we always conquer them and show the world how it is done. Expo 88 was a prime example, and there will be more examples as the 21st century rolls on.

So, I leave it to you, and we may get some responses published here, soon!

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  1. a great place to live and an hour to the gold coast by train and car and the first city in queensland to get digital radio