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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our new guide: Commenting Potential.

Another proud announcement from Kuttsywood's Couch, today, with the inauguration, of a guide, based completely, on the comments that Kuttsywood leaves everywhere, from blogs to newspaper websites, while teaching people to comment in the Kuttsywood style.

Read more? 

Our guide is entitled: Commenting Potential-The art of blog commenting.

The main elements include:
  • A basic education on local television, and how it is vital to local communities.
  • The difference between true local content and a advertorial, and networking and localism.
  • A booster shot of pride, of your home town, and how much TV it produces.
  • A soft and sensitive approach to some subjects, while preparing for a battle in other subjects.
  • And finally, achieve a good rapport with owners of blogs, after all, they control your comments, and your destiny.
Our guide will be up after 12pm. Courtesy of everyone's favorite blog, Kuttsywood's Couch.

Wait a moment...

The commenting guide... There is no guide! It has only one reason, why I'm posting this nonsense... It's April Fools Day!

I have fooled you all... once again.

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