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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kuttsywood's Couch's 3rd annual guide to Daylight Saving FTA delays in QLD.

Well, it's back. Daylight Saving is here again to wrack pain on viewers throughout Queensland: and everyone's favorite guide is back for a third year. This year however, we continue to add new channel choices, and some old favorites from last year take a bow again, while some new ones crop up, to try and trend on Twitter... Masterchef style (especially among those people who want real change in QLD government DST policy). We have also introduced a colour system, to give individual channels easier space.

Let's start with Network Ten:
Network Ten/Southern Cross Ten
One HD (Ch 1 Brisbane/GC, Ch 50 regional QLD/GC NSW feed):
Thursday Night Live: delayed into QLD.
Sports Tonight: delayed into QLD.

Most sport programming: live, except for events on anti-siphoning list, which will simulcast on Ten.

Ten/SC10 (Ch 10 Brisbane/GC, Ch 5 regional QLD/GC NSW feed):
All local news bulletins aired statewide (inc. current 5pm Brisbane bulletin, and future 6:30 weekday and 6pm weekend Brisbane bulletins): live.
All national news bulletins (soon to be phased out weekend national 5pm, future national weekday 6pm bulletin and early and late news): delayed by one hour.
7PM Project: delayed by one hour (unless Ten decide to produce a separate edition for the program's most successful market during DST).
Junior Masterchef post Commonwealth Games: delayed by one hour.
Sport (excluding Commonwealth Games) see One HD
XIX Commonwealth Games: entire event likely to delayed by one hour into QLD.
Eleven (coming in early 2011: Ch 11 Brisbane/GC, likely to be on Ch 55 regional QLD/GC NSW feed)
Channel schedule: likely to run on QLD time.

Seven Brisbane/Seven QLD
7Mate (Ch 73, in most of QLD,  7Mate On Prime on Ch 63 on Gold Coast)
Channel schedule: to run on QLD time.
7Two (Ch 72, in most of QLD, 7Two on Prime on Ch 62 on Gold Coast)
Channel schedule: runs on QLD time.
Seven (Ch 7 in most of QLD, branded as Prime, on channel 6 on Gold Coast.
Local news (7 News Brisbane/7 Local News in all regional markets except Toowoomba): live.

Networked news programs (Sunrise, morning and 4:30 news, Today Tonight, Sunday Night, 7 News Sydney on Prime GC): delayed 1 hour unless breaking news.
X-Factor live performance and results shows: Seven's big gamble, will be delayed into Queensland, any voting start and finish times will likely be listed in Sydney time.

Sport- V8 Supercars: live with pre-news filler, except for Gold Coast 600, which will be live with no filler. 
Summer of Tennis: Brisbane International-live, Sydney International-some live, some delayed. Australian Open-depends on Aussie performance, finals live. 
Melbourne Cup: live with pre-news filler.

Nine Brisbane/Win QLD
GO! (Ch 99 in SEQ/ Ch 88 in regional QLD/NBN Gold Coast):
Channel schedule: running on QLD time.
GEM HD: (Ch 90 in SEQ/ Ch 80 in regional QLD/NBN Gold Coast): 
Channel schedule: to run on QLD time.
Nine/Win (Ch 9 in SEQ/ Ch 8 in regional QLD/NBN Gold Coast)
Local news (9 News Brisbane/Nine Gold Coast News/Win News in all regional markets): live, with timeslot changes during cricket.
Networked news programming (ACA, Today, Morning News, 4:30 news, Win-produced "Daily" (regional QLD), NBN hourlong news (Gold Coast-only): delayed by a hour, at minimum, unless breaking news.
The Ashes: 1st Test (Brisbane): likely to be live into QLD. 2nd Test (Adelaide): live with news after day's play. 3rd Test (Perth): Live, with news in tea break. 4th Test (Melbourne) and 5th Test (Sydney) : filler programming in QLD after Syd/Melb go to news. ODI's: Same as tests, except news will run in innings break for day/night games. Twenty20 games: likely to be live, as they usually run at night.
NRL Grand Final: Live.
Hey Hey It's Saturday: delayed by one hour, just like last year's second reunion show.
(But, we here at the DST guide have a workable solution to the "Saturdelay" dilemma: Move Funniest Home Videos in QLD, to Friday 7:30, and run Hey Hey straight out of Nine News at 6:30 Saturday (7:30 Sydney time).
The Block: Renovating to include a hour delay in QLD.
National IQ Test: likely to be delayed into QLD.

ABC News 24 (Ch 24 statewide): Running on Sydney time.
ABC1 (Channel 2 statewide) QandA: Delayed 1 hour.

Other events: Sydney NYE: delayed as usual.

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