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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kuttsywood's Couch's 4th annual guide to Daylight Saving FTA delays in QLD

The fourth annual edition of the DST guide is here. It has been a proud tradition here since 2008, to let the viewers know of the delays they will recieve, during the six months of DST each year, as it should be our duty, until things change, and DST is reintroduced, statewide. But this year we have a little "helper". While this place generally lists events that have fixed dates, and fixed times, there have been times where rapid information is needed. Kuttsywood's Couchcushion will fill the gap, with a weekly DST update beginning Sunday October 2 (e.g. to, offer more detailed information, along with the 5:30 ratings segment, being rebooted in January next year.) It's this page's commitment to keeping QLD informed of the various delays, over the last four years, that is a key reason, why Daylight Saving, is still after nearly 20 years (the 20th anniversary of the last referendum on daylight saving in QLD, occuring on Wednesday February 22 2012), Queensland's talking point.

Network Ten/Southern Cross Austereo Ten
One: (Ch1 metro, Ch50 regional)
Channel schedule: running on QLD time. Any major events, keep eye on DST update.
Ten: (Ch10 metro, Ch 5 regional)
Breakfast (from January 2012) delayed by one hour unless breaking news, keep eye on DST update, when a launch date is confirmed.
Young Talent Time (from unconfirmed date in 2012) Just like in late 1988, YTT is delayed by one hour. The only differences are, that Ten no longer uses a "X" for a logo, and instead of Frank Lowy owning Ten outright, it's publicly traded on the ASX.
Ten News QLD: (90min 5pm bulletin weekdays) live.
National bulletins: (90min 5pm national weekend news, and soon to be phased out 6am/9am bulletins) delayed by one hour, unless breaking news.
6:30: It'll be 7:30 in Sydney, when it airs in QLD: delayed by one hour, unless breaking news.
Junior Masterchef: delayed by 1 hour.
The Biggest Loser: delayed by 1 hour, until end of DST.
7PM Project: delayed by one hour.
Eleven: (Ch11 metro: Ch 55 regional)
Channel schedule: run on QLD time, however Couch Time interstitial will be delayed by one hour, even though it is produced in SEQ.
Other things related to Network Ten:
Toasted TV: delayed by one hour until year's end, however: there will be a update on Kuttsywood's Couch (i.e. this blog) when Ten confirms the future of the program, going into 2012.
Nine Brisbane/WIN QLD
GEM (Ch 90 metro, Ch 80 regional)
Channel schedule: run on QLD time.
GO! (Ch 99 metro, Ch 88 regional)
Channel schedule: run on QLD time, however Kids WB presented segments on GO! are delayed by 1hr, not the cartoons.
Nine/Win/NBN (Ch 9 metro/Ch 8 regional)
Today/ACA/Morning News/4:30 newshour: delayed by 1 hour into QLD, unless breaking news.
Nine News Brisbane/9 Gold Coast News/Win News: live.
NBN News (Gold Coast only): delayed by one hour.
Sport (Cricket, Rugby World Cup, NRL Grand Final): refer to DST update
Any other changes: refer to DST update.
Seven/Prime 7 main channel (Ch 7 throughout QLD, also on Ch6 on the Gold Coast)
Sunrise/TT/Morning News/4:30 news (hourlong on Prime7 GC, 1/2hr throughout QLD): delayed by 1hr unless breaking news: however TT is delayed by 23 and 1/2hrs in regional QLD except in Toowoomba.
Seven News Brisbane/Seven Local News: live, however 7News Brisbane is delayed 1/2hr into regional QLD except in Toowoomba (where 7News Brisbane airs live).
Seven News Sydney (airing on Prime7 Gold Coast): delayed by one hour.
X Factor: delayed by one hour, all voting closing times listed in Sydney time.
Sport (V8 Supercars/Tennis/Melbourne Cup): Refer to DST update.
7Mate: (Ch 73 throughout QLD, also on Ch 63 on the Gold Coast)
Channel schedule: runs on QLD time.
7Two: (Ch 72 throughout QLD, also on Ch 62 on the Gold Coast)
Channel schedule: runs on QLD time.
ABC News 24 (Ch 24)
ABC News 24 schedule: runs on Sydney time, inc. live QandA episodes.
All other ABC channels (ABC1, ABC2/ABC4kids and ABC3)
Channel schedules: all on QLD time, with ABC1 News Breakfast being delayed, and episodes of QandA airing delayed, however, if major news breaks, ABC1 will relay ABC News24.
Other events:
Sydney NYE: check DST update for broadcaster details along with the Sydney City Council's NYE website, but the broadcast will be delayed by one hour as usual.
Digital switchover in regional QLD: Don't forget to switch over before December 6. Otherwise, one will not be watching delayed TV shows, but instead, be watching a lot of live static from what used to be regional QLD's analogue TV stations.

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