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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Price Is Right returns: the Brisbane impact.

If you are reading this now, Seven is definitely looking to change the 5-6 lineup nationwide.

Seven is seriously looking at the Price Is Right to air in the 5pm slot to aid Deal or No Deal. Due to this move, Seven QLD will likely have Today Tonight at 4:30, in lieu of 4:30 news, and most critically, a big thumb in the nose to hopes for a fresh breath of air at 5:30 in the south-east corner of QLD. But we can stand up Queensland and make our intentions known. Viewers in Queensland are sick of Deal, and viewers in Brisbane are sick of Seven lying to us like they have done for over a decade, on local content outside weekends. Hell, even your promos are lying to us. Seven, you may like to claim that "Brisbane is our city", but the viewers of this city, of this state, want to see that statement backed up with action on increasing the amount of local content produced in this state. It has been nearly three long years since the Extra axing, and twelve long years since Local Edition's demise. I hope we all can stand up and tell Seven what we really think.
The easiest way is for all Queenslanders to use social media to get the message through, and request that either:

If in regional QLD in general: Request that Today Tonight is moved to 5:30 at night.
If in Toowoomba: Request that you want local news produced by Seven for your market.
If in Cairns/Townsville: Request that you want live local news produced by Seven for your market.
If in Brisbane: Request that Seven turns around 20 years of hell, to give Brisbane it's own show leading into the 6pm news.
If on the Gold Coast: Request that Seven launches a local news service at 5:30 at night.

The details for the Seven Network social media accounts throughout QLD are:
Brisbane Twitter: @7newsbrisbane
Brisbane Facebook: Seven News Brisbane
Today Tonight Twitter: @todaytonight
Today Tonight Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TodayTonight
Seven Local News Sunshine Coast Twitter: @7localnewsSC
Seven Local News Sunshine Coast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sevenlocalnews
Seven Local News Central QLD Twitter: @7NewsCQ
Seven Local News Central QLD Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seven-Local-News-Central-Queensland
All other areas, can contact any of these sites or the main 7 News Facebook page, and send their viewers opinion on, and include the fact about the lack of social media support for the 7 Local News areas outside Central QLD and the Sunshine Coast, along with the lack of 7 Local News content online.

Time is of the essence, as Seven need to know what we really want, before The Price Is Right returns. If we miss this opportunity to put QLD's two cents in about the 5:30 slot, there may not be another opportunity, for a very long time.

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