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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Five Years On: A preview of Kuttsywood's Couch in 2013

Everything has new beginnings. Five years ago on January 1 2008, this site began. Today, 80 posts, 16,000 views later, on the 29th of December 2012, this site will enjoy a new beginning to kick off our 5th birthday celebrations which will stretch throughout 2013. This "new beginning" is evidenced by the major redo of how this site looks, and feels. This new beginning is looking forward to a era where television in Brisbane is digital-only: an era which is only 150 days away.
For starters, there is a new logo, along with a fresher, wider layout for today's computers. There is also a new countup (opposed to countdown) ticker, reminding viewers of how many days have elapsed since Local Edition ended, that is designed as a little piece of Kuttsy's Pitch, that is permanent, until Seven acts, especially as we exit the 20th year of struggle for 7 in Brisbane, and enter a brand new year, with a new news director soon to be at the helm, and many rumours on what 7 is thinking of doing with their news and current affairs output in 2013. 
Also, during 2013, I will also feature a past post every month with a link via Twitter: and on the site itself, from the last five years, to give some of our newer visitors, esp. those that swung in, thanks to the 2012 Vision trilogy, Kuttsy's Pitch 4, and Commonwealth Games broadcast posts, a chance to see some of the site's past articles and spread the love.

Along with this, this site will finally launch a Facebook presence, new presence on Google+, along with expanding use of our new video service, through Tout, throughout 2013. 

And the the announcements don't stop here. We are proud to announce, that on May 25/26, that this site will be ending the analogue era: with a end of a era celebration so massive that it can only be seen as extravagant.

May 25 2013: Three historic pieces, of the Brisbane commercial stations: Nine's and Seven's will be updated from their 50 years of TV celebration posts in 2009, and there will be a all new post for Ten's history in Brisbane.

May 26 2013: All the 50 Years of Brisbane TV posts will finally be collated with links to each article, along with links to some other pieces inc. 20 Years of Hell. All this preludes to the main event of the celebrations...

That's right, this site will be honouring the end of analogue TV, with a look back, not just at the moments, but the people and innovations that have shaped Queensland, and it's television industry over the last 53 and a 1/2 years of analogue broadcasting. 

What is a top 50 list doing as part of the celebrations you may ask? Simply, "50 Great QLD TV Moments: in Analogue", will be not just the main event of the digital switchover celebrations, but of the site's fifth birthday. Other highlights throughout 2013 include:

Kuttsy's Pitch 5: a concept will be devised closer to publishing, in mid-late August... provided 7 hasn't changed gears.

Moving Up The Dial: Celebrating 25 years of Ten being on VHF 10 in Brisbane.

Ten-demonium: Piece revolving around the future of the Ten Network, at the beginning of a major anniversary for the network, 25 years since Perth joined the network, and Channel 0 Brisbane converted to Channel 10, and the impact it could have throughout the industry: and how it could be a collision course for the future. It will arrive on this site, in late January 2013. Join the conversation on Twitter using #tendemonium.

What do we do with a problem like a anti-siphoning list?: Looking at the reality, that the next anti-siphoning list review may not become law before the 2013 federal election. 

The 6th Annual DST Guide: The yearly tradition returns for it's sixth installment in September 2013.

Road to George St: The Omnibus: A omnibus of links for last year's QLD State Election coverage.

Kuttsywood's Couchcushion: Our sister site won't be ignored either: and will be reflecting this site's look on May 28 2013.

DST Updates: Will continue through 2013 until end of DST, and will resume in October 2013.
Federal Election coverage: It will be similar to last year's state election coverage: simply, election highlights for "every man". Whenever this happens, the Couchcushion will be there. But: I am leaving the naming of this feature up to the readers on this site. There will be a poll on this site until the end of January with three choices:
-Road to Canberra.
-Road to Capital Hill.
-Road to Yarralumla.
The #1 pick after the end of January will be the name for the "mini-series" due in late 2013.
There will also be omnibus publication of the links to all Federal Election-related posts on Kuttsywood's Couch after the 2013 Federal Election.

This is just a snippet, of what 2013 has to offer for both sites, and there is plenty of excitement yet to come. We have a new face, we have the same name, we are aiming higher. Watch this space, as the 5th birthday of this site is going to be lived throughout 2013.

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