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Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014, goes big time on Kuttsywood's Couch

As we look forward to a new year, we will reveal to you now our secret.
Since September, I have been using a hashtag on Twitter, #5000project.
Now it’s time to unveil it: the project, that has been 5000 days in the making.

Kuttsy’s Pitch in 2014 will go big time.

That’s right, the “5000 project” is Kuttsy’s Pitch VI: The Big Time.
But, there are two extensions in 2014, we have to let you know of.
The first is the date. It will not be on August 20, as it has been for the last two years. It will be on August 31, 2014: the night, the LE clock, on this very site, hits a major milestone: 5000 days since the end of Local Edition.
The second will be the development of a new innovation: our second spin-off site. 5000KPitchVI, on Tumblr, will be showing you the entire build of a Kuttsy’s Pitch post, detailed for the first time, so people can understand the hard work that usually goes into these pieces, along with helping to collate, for the first time: the “People’s Pitch”. It kicks off today, with “7 reasons why 7 is no longer QLD’s #1 news”. After all, just when Seven thinks they have the answers, Kuttsy’s Pitch changes the questions. #kpitchVI

Held over pieces from 2013, include a GC Commonwealth Games piece on transport needs for the event, and a Brisbane Transport privatisation “how-to” piece, as well as the Pitch to The Past hypothetical.

Also coming is: “So, this is Light Rail?” answering the questions that GC commuters will be asking upon opening of the brand new G-Link light rail line in 2014, such as “why do we have to pre-pay”?.

Also, we can reveal here, the title of the second part of the TVQ history piece (beginning with Moving Up The Dial), on July 1 2014.
Shaking Up The Dial, will be a trip down memory lane, beginning with the launch of TVQ, and ending with Kay McGrath’s departure. Both Moving Up and Shaking Up The Dial, will share 1987, with Moving Up focusing on the business side, and Shaking Up The Dial will focus on the on-air side. #ShakingUpTheDial
As part of this, this site will launch in early January, a Facebook page: dedicated to TVQ’s past. Building on the Lost Brisbane page, Lost TVQ is designed to be a gathering place for employees past and present of TVQ, leading into the beginning of fiftieth, next year to reminisce about days gone by. #lostTVQ

Also: a first for the DST Guide in 2014-15, it will be also available, before Brisbane’s G20 in translated languages of various G20 nations (albeit on the Kuttsywood’s Couchcushion Tumblr site), to assist the many foreign guests, who will come to Queensland to do business, and watch some Aussie telly, in between meetings. The languages covered, will be listed in (what will be) the English edition of the DST Guide in late September. In 2014: whether you’ve come across the Pacific, or have come halfway around the world, The DST Source (our new underlying brand for both guide and update effective January 1), will speak your language! #dstsource

Another piece to look forward to, in September 2014: is… “The PRomo Game”
The PRomo Game,  is designed to be a revisiting, of the promotions and publicity department, looked at in “On Air: 25 years of TV in Queensland”(which was published thirty years ago, next year) through a section titled: “We all have crazy ideas/Stunts are the reality”, written by former TV writer for Brisbane’s Sunday Sun, David Bentley. The PRomo Game, looks at the evolution of selling TV over the last thirty years,  from press releases sent to Bowen Hills (home of the Telegraph, and Courier Mail) and Fortitude Valley (the former  home of the Brisbane Daily Sun/Sunday Sun newspapers), to the social media revolution of the 2010’s. The PRomo Game is not just a homage to Bentley’s work in 1984, but a extension of it. It’s the piece I would have loved to have done in 2009. #TheBNEPRomogame

That is what the year to come has to offer. And additionally here, one major step forward for 2015 is also coming…

The year that redefined Queensland, was not 1988. The year that defined who we are, was 1985. Whether it was Brisbane’s worst ever hailstorm, the SEQEB dispute, the fire at Reids in Ipswich, the Brisbane Bullets first NBL crown or even the disappearance of South Brisbane, in preparation for Expo 88, 1985 is still engraved on our collective memories.

1985: The year that changed QLD. Coming April 2015. #qld1985.

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