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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The 10th annual Kuttsywood’s Couch guide to Daylight Saving delays in Queensland.

“Daylight Saving. The great divider, between Queensland and "down south".”
Opening words of our first ever DST guide, October 2008.

Happy 10th birthday, to a institution on this site: and thanks to the DST Update series on Kuttsywood’s Couchcushion from 2011-15, as well as the 2012 Vision post on the subject (on the 20th anniversary of the 1992 QLD DST referendum) our most written about subject. This year deals with the last remains of The Big Switch: Southern Cross losing Northern NSW, for the only WIN Bruce Gordon got this year in the television game of chess. The evolution of this guide, has seen so much happen: Who would have thought in 2008, that in 2017 we’d have no programming involving a home viewer vote, leading into summer? It simply doesn’t have the X-Factor anymore, it simply Danced it’s way off the networks dartboard, like a Idol Big Brother. And of course, we are leading into the Commonwealth Games just under 200 days away. But we have this reminder, that the whole reason why early April was chosen for the Commonwealth Games: so the DST question (either QLD having to adopt it for 2017-18, or eastern states shortening theirs) wouldn’t need to be raised: when it should have been.
Let us begin with the guide for 2017/18.

Network Ten and Affiliate*(*as of September 1 2017):
One: (Ch 1, Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 81 WIN Regional QLD, (outside Gold Coast), Ch 51 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional)
Channel schedule will be on QLD time.
A-League Saturday: will be live and simulcast with Fox Sports.
Ten(HD)/WIN(HD) (Ch 10/13(HD) Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 8/80(HD) WIN Regional QLD (outside Gold Coast), Ch 5/50 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional)
Brisbane Eyewitness News (BNE/WIN QLD): live.
National Eyewitness News on all feeds (inc. Sydney Eyewitness News, on WIN Nthn NSW/GC): delayed, unless breaking news.
Win News at 6 (all Win markets except Mackay and Gold Coast): live or live to tape.
Studio 10: delayed by one hour, except when major news breaks.
Family Feud: Delayed by one hour, unavailable at 6pm in all Win markets (except Mackay/Gold Coast)
Sport and other events covered by Ten/WIN on the main channel (including Bathurst 1000, Gold Coast 600, Newcastle 500, the Twenty 20 Big Bash, 2018’s Adelaide 500 and AU F1 Grand Prix): will be live into Queensland.
Eleven (Ch11 Brisbane/Gold Coast (Metro), Ch82 WIN Regional QLD (outside Gold Coast), Ch 52 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional)
Toasted TV/The Loop: delayed by 1hr
All other content, will be on QLD time.

ABC Queensland (channels apply statewide):
ABC (HD) (Ch 2/20(HD)
QandA, and Sydney NYE fireworks will be delayed.
ABC 2/4 (Ch 22): Schedule on QLD time except for Foxtel satellite customers.
ABC ME (Ch 23): Schedule on QLD time, except for Foxtel satellite customers.
ABC NEWS (Ch 24): Schedule on Sydney time.

SBS (HD) (Ch3/30(HD), SBS Viceland (HD) (31(HD)/32), SBS Food Network (33) and NITV (34)
Schedule on Queensland time, except for Foxtel satellite customers: unless a satellite iQ3 (with FTA tuners) is being used (mainly for SBS Viceland HD).

Seven Network, and affiliate Prime7: (OTA only, Plus7 streaming service however, no longer can be geolocked to NSW/VIC by way of a postcode.)
7Two/7Two on Prime: (Ch 72, Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro), regional Queensland except for Sunshine Coast. Ch 62, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast (regional).
Channel schedule will be on QLD time
Australian Open lead-in events, Magic Millions and 2018 Winter Olympics coverage, will be live into Queensland.
7(HD)/Prime7(SD) (Ch 7/70(HD) Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro), Ch 7(SD only) in regional QLD except Sunshine Coast. Ch 6(SD only), Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast (regional).
Brisbane local news, Gold Coast 7-day local news: Live.
7 Local News bulletins: Live or live to tape.
Sydney local news service (affecting Prime7 Gold Coast): delayed by one hour.
National news inc. Sunrise: delayed by 1hr unless major news breaks.
Sport (inc. Melbourne Cup, Australian Open, RL World Cup and 2018 Winter Olympics) will be live into QLD.
MKR 2018: will air on QLD time.
7Mate(HD) (Ch 73 (in SD) Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro)/(in HD) regional QLD except Sunshine Coast. Ch 63(HD) Gold Coast (regional), Sunshine Coast.
Channel schedule on QLD time.
Racing.com: will be on VIC time.
7flix (Ch 76, Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro), regional QLD, except Sunshine Coast, Ch 66 Sunshine Coast, and (finally) Gold Coast (regional).
Channel schedule on QLD time.

Nine Network (inc. 9NBN) and affiliate Southern Cross (OTA only, 9Now streaming service is geolocked to QLD time.)
9GO!: (Ch 99 Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 53 SC9 regional QLD and Ch 88 9NBN Gold Coast (regional).
Channel schedule will be on QLD time.
Nine (HD) (Ch 9/90(HD) Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 5/50(HD), SC9 regional QLD, and Ch 8/80(HD) 9NBN Gold Coast (regional).
Brisbane, Gold Coast local news services produced by Nine and regional QLD news services produced for SC9 live, or live to tape.
9NBN Gold Coast news service, delayed 1hr 
National news, inc. Today and ACA: delayed 1hr, in all areas.
All other events (The Ashes, and international twenty20/ODI’s), will likely be live, with news shortened if required.
9GEM: (Ch 92 Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 52 SC9 regional QLD and Ch 82 9NBN GC (regional)
Channel schedule will be on QLD time.
9Life: (Ch 94 Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 54 SC9 regional QLD and Ch 84 9NBN GC (regional)
Channel schedule will be on QLD time.

4BC: Live into QLD, making the night cleaner’s life hell.
Talking Lifestyle: Live into QLD for the listener still there listening.
4MMM/Gold FM Drive: delayed into QLD once the Molloy/Kennedy product starts up.
HIT/SEA Drive: Delayed into QLD: a smell worse than Andy by Hamish.
Nova Drive: Delayed into QLD. I thought Meshel Laurie was still doing Nova Drive...
97.3 Drive: Delayed into QLD, upsetting #forkyoufriday’s biggest fan.

One thing that won’t be delayed: #project_ether. It. All. Begins. Again. January 2, 2018.

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