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Sunday, September 29, 2019

The 12th annual Kuttsywood's Couch guide to DST delays.

Welcome, to the 12th edition of this sites's annual DST guide.

This year, we are dealing with yet another major big switch: this time, the race that stops the nation, which will see the Melbourne Cup carnival return back to it’s home pre-2001, Network 10 (and for the majority of WIN’s stations, the first Melbourne Cup airing on their channel since aggregation 30yrs ago). We also have to make mention of a significant decision, we have made, thanks to one Brisbane station’s attitude towards a significant milestone. So, here we go.

Network 10 and Affiliate:
10Bold: (Ch 1, Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 81 WIN Regional QLD, (outside Gold Coast), Ch 51 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional)
Channel schedule will be on QLD time.

10(HD)/WIN(HD) (Ch 10/13(HD) Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 8/80(HD) WIN Regional QLD (outside Gold Coast), Ch 5/50 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional)
Brisbane 10 News (Last, I mean First) (BNE/WIN QLD): live.
National 10 News (Last, I mean First) on all feeds (inc. Sydney 10 News (Last, I mean First) on WIN Nthn NSW/GC): delayed, unless breaking news.
Win News at 6 (all Win markets except Mackay, Wide Bay and Gold Coast): live or live to tape.
Studio 10: delayed by one hour, except when major news breaks.
Gameshow of the month: Delayed by one hour, unavailable at 6pm in all Win markets (except Mackay/Wide Bay/Gold Coast)
Sport and other events covered by Ten/WIN on the main channel (including Bathurst 1000, Gold Coast 600, Melbourne Cup Carnival Newcastle 500, 2020’s Adelaide 500 and AU F1 Grand Prix): will be live into Queensland.
The Masked Singer: Australia: delayed by one hour.

10’s 2020 lineup: will likely be delayed into Queensland: Same with their upfronts.

10 Peach (Ch11 Brisbane/Gold Coast (Metro), Ch82 WIN Regional QLD (outside Gold Coast), Ch 52 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional)
Toasted TV/The Loop: delayed by 1hr
All other content, will be on QLD time.

Sky News on WIN (aka 10 Murray) (Ch 53 Gold Coast: (although, the full Sky News suite is available in a clear majority of hotels/apartments on the Coast) Ch 83 rest of QLD)
Will be live into QLD.
This also is a reminder for Gary Hardgrave: you have to go to Sky's BNE studio for PM Live appearances/Hardgrave on Friday nights a hour earlier. #earlydinnerforGary

ABC Queensland (channels apply statewide):
ABC (HD) (Ch 2/20(HD)
QandA, Spicks and Specks reunion (yet again), and Sydney NYE fireworks will be delayed.
ABC 2/4 (Ch 22): 
Schedule on QLD time except for Foxtel satellite customers.
ABC ME (Ch 23):
Schedule on QLD time, except for Foxtel satellite customers.
ABC NEWS (Ch 24): 
Schedule on Sydney time.

SBS (HD) (Ch3/30(HD), SBS Viceland (HD) (31(HD)/32), SBS Food (33) and NITV (34)
Schedule on Queensland time, except for Foxtel satellite customers: unless a satellite iQ3/iQ4 (with FTA tuners) is being used (mainly for SBS Viceland HD).

Seven Network, and affiliate Prime7: (OTA only, 7Plus streaming service however, no longer can be geolocked to NSW/VIC by way of a postcode.)
7Two/7Two on Prime: (Ch 72, Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro), regional Queensland except for Sunshine Coast. Ch 62, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast (regional).
Channel schedule will be on QLD time
Sydney-Hobart start (likely)/Magic Millions will be live into Queensland.

7(HD)/Prime7(SD) (Ch 7/70(HD) Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro), Ch 7(SD only) in regional QLD except Sunshine Coast. Ch 6(SD only), Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast (regional).
Brisbane local news, Gold Coast local news: Live.
7 Local News bulletins: Live or live to tape.
Sydney local news service (affecting Prime7 Gold Coast): delayed by one hour.
National news inc. Sunrise: delayed by 1hr unless major news breaks.
Sport inc. Summer of Cricket (inc. Big Bash, ODI's, T20 etc.) will be live into QLD.
MKR 2020: will air on QLD time.

7Mate(HD) (Ch 73 (in SD) Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro)/(in HD) regional QLD except Sunshine Coast. Ch 63(HD) Gold Coast (regional), Sunshine Coast.
Channel schedule on QLD time.

Will be on VIC time, and for contractual reasons on Melbourne Cup day be not allowed to utilize Bruce McAvaney.

7flix (Ch 76, Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro), regional QLD, except Sunshine Coast, Ch 66 Sunshine Coast, and (finally) Gold Coast (regional).
Channel schedule on QLD time.

7FoodNetwork: (Ch 74 BNE/GC Metro, regional QLD except Sunshine Coast. Ch 66 Sunshine Coast, GC regional, Channel blank on Foxtel, due to 7's stubbornness.)
Channel schedule on QLD time.

Nine Network (inc. 9NBN) and affiliate Southern Cross (OTA only, 9Now streaming service is geolocked to QLD time.)

Normally, you’d see here a DST guide entry.
Instead: you’ll be seeing a open letter, on behalf of Queensland viewers for reasons you will find out soon enough.

To whom it may concern at Nine.
We are lodging a complaint, about how you treated viewers to a two minute highlight reel on August 16: your sixtieth birthday in QLD. We deserve a lot better than a highlight reel. QTQ’s past deserves the doco treatment, as has happened with past major anniversaries, such as your 25th in 1984, 30th in 1989, 40th in 1999 and of course: your 50th just ten years ago in 2009.

I have said openly on Twitter, since the 18th of August, that Nine must apologise for what it has done, and make it up to the viewers that have watched your station for six decades, who want to celebrate it’s history, tribulations and triumphs with you, instead of seeing money thrown away in multi-month giveaways to prop up news ratings, and cocktail events limited to the very few.

You may have seen it more than once on social media: using the hashtag, #WheresTheDoco9

And, the responses have been outstanding:
TVBlackbox’s Rob McKnight’s been the most stirring:
“I love it when television celebrates itself. Important to remind viewers why we are so connected to the medium.”

So, Nine: listen to the call, before Seven embarrasses you again in November, by doing what Nine won’t do: listen to the viewers (trust us: many of us viewers are wearing the hats 7 gave us at the EKKA this year, as a way to stick it to Nine for their ignorance of their milestone.) and give us a doco worth remembering.

Because, if you don't start giving a damn now: people won't give a damn when QTQ's big 7-0 hits in 2029.
QTQ's past triumphs are our memories.
Let us remember them, Nine: and we'll all be cheering.


Adrian "Kuttsywood" Cutts:
on behalf of QLD’s television audience.

That’s right, folks: There will be no Nine and for that matter: no 4BC/4BH in this year’s DST guide, simply because Nine doesn’t care about their history and heritage, in this person’s eyes. I may change my opinion, if Nine gives us viewers the answer we deserve, not insulting our intelligence by staying silent.

And, I hope, that the link below will direct to a QTQ 60th doco, one of these days.

4BC/Macquarie Sports Radio: See Nine.

SEN1053 (rumoured to launch soon): Live into QLD (hopefully with local announcers), making MSR’s life a living hell.

4RO.com.au (Laurie Atlas, 1-5pm, open line #: 07 4922 7990): Live into QLD, on the count that it’s coming from QLD.
4MMM/Gold FM Drive: delayed into QLD.
HIT/SEA Drive: Delayed into QLD.
Nova Drive: Delayed into QLD.
97.3 Drive: Delayed into QLD.

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