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Sunday, September 27, 2020

The 13th annual Kuttsywood's Couch guide to DST delays.

 Welcome, to the 13th edition of this sites's annual DST guide.

This year, we are dealing with with a pandemic, with the potential to wreak havoc over all the things we hold so dear this summer.

But, I have also not forgotten about a cause that has become our mantra in a post-Kuttsy's Pitch world: the "Wheres The Doco" campaign: now just over a year old, with this years guide coinciding with the significant decision, to exclude Nine's television assets from this guide for a second year, potentially extending it to a third (although, I don't wish to do so, as hopefully this issue can easily be settled by the airing of a doco celebrating Nine's 60 years of TV heritage in QLD on a television frequency, sometime soon).

And, now we begin for the thirteenth time: our DST guide that has become a tradition.

Network 10 and Affiliate:

10Bold: (Ch 12, Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 81 WIN Regional QLD, (outside Gold Coast), Ch 51 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional)

Channel schedule will be on QLD time.

10(HD)/WIN(HD) (Ch 10/1(HD) Brisbane/Gold Coast (metro), Ch 8/80(HD) WIN Regional QLD (outside Gold Coast), Ch 5/50 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional)

Brisbane 10 News (Last, I mean First) (BNE/WIN QLD): Will soon be drawing ratings equal to those Melissa Downes's armchair gets at 3pm in the afternoon.

Win News at 6 (all Win markets except Mackay, Wide Bay and Gold Coast): live or live to tape.

Studio 10: delayed by one hour, except when major news breaks.

Sport and other events covered by Ten/WIN on the main channel (including Bathurst 1000, Melbourne Cup Carnival/ 2021 AU F1 Grand Prix): will be live into Queensland.

10’s 2021 lineup: will likely be delayed into Queensland: Same with their upfronts.

10 Peach (Ch11 Brisbane/Gold Coast (Metro), Ch82 WIN Regional QLD (outside Gold Coast), Ch 52 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional)

All content, will be on QLD time.

10 Shake (Ch13 Brisbane/Gold Coast (Metro), Ch84 WIN Regional QLD (outside Gold Coast) (projected), Ch 54 WIN Nthn NSW/Gold Coast (regional) (projected)

All content, will be on QLD time.

Sky News on WIN (aka 10 Scott) (Ch 53 Gold Coast: (although, the full Sky News suite (inc. COVID19 channel) is available in a clear majority of hotels/apartments on the Coast) Ch 83 rest of QLD)

Will be live into QLD.

This also is a reminder for Gary Hardgrave: you have to go to Sky's BNE studio for PM Live appearances/Hardgrave on Friday nights a hour earlier. #HardgraveOn10Scott

ABC Queensland (channels apply statewide):

ABC (HD) (Ch 2/20(HD)

QandA and Sydney NYE fireworks will be delayed.

ABC 2/4 (Ch 22): 

Schedule on QLD time except for Foxtel satellite customers.

ABC ME (Ch 23):

Schedule on QLD time, except for Foxtel satellite customers.

ABC NEWS (Ch 24): 

Schedule on Sydney time.


SBS (HD) (Ch3/30(HD), SBS Viceland (HD) (31(HD)/32), SBS Food (33) and NITV (34)

Schedule on Queensland time, except for Foxtel satellite customers: unless a satellite iQ3/iQ4 (with FTA tuners) is being used (mainly for SBS Viceland HD).

Seven Network, and affiliate Prime7: (OTA only, 7+ streaming service however, no longer can be geolocked to NSW/VIC by way of a postcode.)

7Two/7Two on Prime: (Ch 72, Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro), regional Queensland except for Sunshine Coast. Ch 62, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast (regional).

Channel schedule will be on QLD time

Sydney-Hobart start (likely)/Magic Millions will be live into Queensland.

7(HD)/Prime7(SD) (Ch 7/70(HD) Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro), Ch 7(SD only) in regional QLD except Sunshine Coast. Ch 6(SD only), Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast (regional).

Brisbane local news, Gold Coast local news: Live.

7 Local News bulletins: Live or live to tape.

Local Edition: would have been live, had it not been axed 20yrs ago in December.

Sydney local news service (affecting Prime7 Gold Coast): delayed by one hour.

National news inc. Sunrise: delayed by 1hr unless major news breaks.

Sport inc. Summer of Cricket (inc. Big Bash, tests etc.) will be live into QLD, if 7 and Foxtel can sort their issues out.

Whatever 7 will replace MKR with in 2021: will air on QLD time.

7Mate(HD) (Ch 73 (in SD) Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro)/(in HD) regional QLD except Sunshine Coast. Ch 63(HD) Gold Coast (regional), Sunshine Coast.

Channel schedule on QLD time.


Will be on VIC time, and for contractual reasons on Melbourne Cup day be not allowed to utilize Bruce McAvaney.

7flix (Ch 76, Brisbane, Gold Coast (metro), regional QLD, except Sunshine Coast, Ch 66 Sunshine Coast, and (finally) Gold Coast (regional).

Channel schedule on QLD time.

Nine Network (inc. 9NBN) and affiliate Southern Cross (OTA only, 9Now streaming service is geolocked to QLD time.)

To whom it may concern at Nine.

Cannot believe it has been twelve months since I made the bold decision to boot Nine Brisbane out of this site’s DST guide over something as trivial as celebrating your station’s sixtieth in a fashion that clearly didn’t fit the milestone.

Yet Nine has not come back, with a answer befitting of the three word question of August 2019, that has become a unofficial personal slogan of mine over the last twelve months: simply: “Where’s the Doco?”.

Here’s a reminder. You’ll be seeing Nine’s television content back in the guide in 2021, if Nine changes it’s attitude concerning their 60 year+ heritage in Queensland and begins to embrace it: beginning with the obivious thing: a on-air celebration of the Queensland industry that is a lot longer than the two minutes Nine spent in August 2019. That is simple.

If Nine’s QLD heritage of over 60 years is given lip-service with no public attention even after this guide reminding them of their failure to commemorate the diamond anniversary of television's introduction to Queensland in August 2019 for a second time, Nine may just see their ban from this DST guide extend into a third year. That is also very simple.

However: I personally don’t want to extend the ban on Nine’s television assets from this institution into 2022.

So, it is up to those working at Nine on the hill, to start giving viewers something that will hopefully remind your viewers of what television in Queensland once was: something that means a whole lot more in light of what 10 did in early September: pulling the plug on Brisbane studio production for their news service. 

After all: every major milestone Nine has taken nationally (that is when I mean "nationally", it is usually referring to the Sydney/Melbourne milestone) in the last 25 years (40yrs in 1996, 50yrs in 2006), was celebrated with this Sandie Shaw classic... except for their 60th in 2016: which saw both 9 and 7 both neglect their 60 year milestone: a attitude sadly taken up by the majority of station managements in the smaller capitals in 2019.

I hold great doubts that Nine will celebrate it's next big milestone as a network: leaving their home since 1956, 24 Artarmon Rd in Willoughby later this year, with a rightful lookback into the Mike Walsh/Midday vaults: alongside many other products, memorable for both the right and wrong reasons.

In my mind I'm expecting Nine to simply say, "See you Monday in North Sydney" at the end of the last news bulletin at Willoughby, and do little else to celebrate on-air, despite the role the Willoughby studios played in Australian TV's long backstory being equal to or bigger in some cases than GTV-9 in Richmond: the studios at 22 Bendigo St, that were home to Nine's variety output for so many years, and closed in December 2010 with Nine shifting to a Docklands office block.

And, I continue to hope, that the link below will direct to a QTQ 60th doco, one of these days.

But due to some significant changes: (thanks, Hutchy: as we had a ITV2-style placeholder for SENTrack 1053 last year… before it was even SENTrack), Nine-owned 4BC has returned 7.5hrs a day of local presentation back to Brisbane, and thus Nine’s radio assets have to return back to the guide.


4BC: Live and local between 5:30am-9am, 3-7pm Mon-Fri, come October 12.

4BH: Voicetracked in studios in Sydney and Melbourne.

SENTrack 1053: Live into QLD.

4MMM/Gold FM Drive: delayed into QLD.

HIT/SEA Drive: Delayed into QLD.

Nova Drive: Delayed into QLD.

97.3 Drive: Delayed into QLD.

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