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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

TV0 Memories...

"After 23 years TV0 becomes part of history, we shared a lot of memories and a lot of great moments. As we farewell TV0, we launch our brand new Brisbane Ten with new power and new goals. We want you to be part of a exciting new time in Brisbane television. Brisbane Ten , part of Network Ten, welcomes you to a brand new era. Our launch into the future includes the highlight of television in the world this year, the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Join us now as we turn to Brisbane Ten." Rob Readings (TV0/Ten Eyewitness News lead male Brisbane newsreader 1988) the last voice ever heard on Channel 0 in Brisbane, September 10 1988

And thats how a era ended in September 1988. What would be peoples memories of Brisbane's third commercial station, pre 1988? If Network Ten has their way, Brisbane viewers would just get a rehash of Sydney and Melbourne's 50th special in 2015 just like Seriously 40 in 2005? Just because we may be a bit laid back here in Queensland doesn't mean that our television legacy is ignored. I see promos on Nine flagging Queensland made children's program, The Shak in recent Brisbane-only promos as much as part of Queensland as, the Broncos, Lions and Titans. As much as part of Queensland as the sun, surf and sand. Yet Ten produces most of it's childrens programs in Queensland and they are scarsely promoted as "Queensland made".

Which brings me back to September 10,2008 which is a very special date for Network Ten in Queensland, being that on that date 20 years ago, Ten in Brisbane was first broadcast on VHF channel 10 (like it's brethren interstate) rather than VHF channel 0. Ten has to respect this date as one of major significance for the station, which not only proved that Brisbane could pull this off (as the last 0 to switch to 10, ATV in Melbourne in 1980, had a simulcast period, Brisbane did not- as the channel 0 frequency was being immediately reallocated to DDQ (who dropped the 10 so TVQ could move frequencies) in Toowoomba who rebranded themselves as Vision TV.) as well as being done during Expo with the masses of national and international media in Brisbane watching, none the less and was the second big sign (the first big sign was Expo itself) to the naysayers down south, that Brisbane meant business.


  1. Kuttsywood, Mic Mogul from YT comments here:

    Sadly, once Darling Downs TV Ltd 'fattened the cow for sale' by switching channels, I think it was the beginning of the end for localism on TVQ.

    The shift from paper to electronic TV audience monitoring/ratings was another deathknell.

    Would love to see WIN Toowoomba (channel 0 now) do a reciprocal special in their news bulletin as well.

  2. In a perfect world, I would like to see that Ten and WIN Toowoomba do something as historic as what the Expo studios were for TVQ in 1988.

    At 5:45pm on September 10(for TVQ it would be after a shortened 5pm bulletin and WIN would not show Extra that day in the Toowoomba market) both stations would go to a split screen simulcast setup where you would see Ten's news on one side and WIN's on the other, with both stations talking about their stories about the switch, which would end with both stations (with former personalities [Wilkie, McWilliam etc] in their respective studios) giving a 1988 style signoff.

    Then on the split screen both a retro Brisbane Ten ID and a Vision TV ID would air before WIN's news started.

    Later on at 8:30, Ten would then launch a rejuvenated "Stand Up and Tell 'em Brisbane's Great" promo with the slogan of "Ten's still a part of it!"