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Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's coming up on the blog, soon!

Here is a rundown of what's coming up at "Kuttsywood's Couch"!

  • I said it was coming on May 6, Part 3 of the Expo 88 Playlist which will be centered on the theme "on stage", the stage being some of the Expo River Stage's memorable concerts will be up sometime during the Olympics.
  • Speaking of the Olympics, there will be a Olympic flashback to 1988 and Network Ten's promotion of it's coverage of the Seoul Olympics (incidently Ten's last Olympics coverage) and tieing in of a news brand change from Ten Eyewitness News to Ten News (which was changed back to Eyewitness News in July 1989) around Riverfire with a comparision to Seven's coverage of Beijing.
  • On September 10, we have a tribute to 20 years of Ten, Brisbane Style and Toowoomba's Vision TV with a look at the rocky road for Darling Downs Television from the purchase of TVQ-0 in 1987 from Qintex to the 1990 10/9 affiliation war that cost DDQ (with it's Central Queensland partner RTQ in Rockhampton) the Ten Network affiliation (as Star Television) in favor of Nine Network affiliation (under the same brand as owners of both stations, Wollongong based WIN Television) and also a look at the lighter side of 20 years of Ten in Brisbane.

More will be coming your way soon, so stay tuned...

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