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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Logies moving to Queensland?

I saw an article, on the Courier Mail website, talking about a pitch by the Queensland Government to lure the Logies out of Melbourne. What the QLD Government is suggesting is a Gold Coast move, but industry insiders said, that the Gold Coast has no TV history.

Of course you don't have TV history for the Gold Coast, it is a production centre, with no TV stations of it's own, instead relying on two sets of UHF feeds, one from Brisbane and the other from interstate.

But this blog supports a Brisbane-based event. Why Brisbane? I have heard enough of those saying "Brisbane needs to step up and stop being a go-between" Also, Brisbane has TV history on its side.
1. Brisbane (and Ipswich) was the base for the first experimental TV transmissions in Australia, from The Windmill in Spring Hill in April 1934. (April 10 2009 is the 75th anniversary the start of these first transmissions)
2.Brisbane gave to television, personalities like Kerri-anne Kennerly, Jackie McDonald, Agro, Shelley Craft and countless others.
and 3. Brisbane has a rich local programming tradition, which still lives as part of Brisbane Extra.

So, If you want the Logies in Brisbane... Stand Up and Tell PBL Brisbane's Great!

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