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Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's coming up in early 2009. Brisbane style...

So 2008's ending...

Lets see, what we have covered here this year...

-Love You Brisbane.

-the 20th anniversary of Expo 88 (in three distinct parts, but with no definative ending... yet.)

-the 20th anniversary of TVQ moving from 0 to 10.

-The Tank St Bridge naming contest.

-The formation of the "Love You Brisbane Appreciation Society"

As well as other items, too numerous to mention.

But 2009 is going to be bigger.

Some of the upcoming highlights for early 2009...

-20 years of aggregation... and aggrevation.

-Brisbane Ten and Q150, seriously...

-A piece talking about NQTV (a Far North Queensland television station which eventually became Southern Cross Ten Queensland), in the late 80's.

-(hopefully) Part 4 of Expo, Brisbane Style.

-A new feature, called "50 years of Brisbane TV" which talks about the glorious history of the Brisbane commercial stations, which has started with my top 10 Queensland made moments.

Happy new year, and to all a good read.

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