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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brisbane TV-Let's Make It Local!


With the recent axing of Extra, this blog will make it's mission clear. Brisbane's three commercial stations, you are all on notice. Brisbane is fed up with Sydney networking, and interference with our sacred cows.

I personally am fed up with "Networking lite" that 7 offers, and the "Networking full strength" that 10 and now 9 offers. This blog's message will spread. Nationalising schedules equals networking with a different name. Look at Adelaide and Perth, smaller cities than Brisbane, yet support localised versions of Today Tonight and A Current Affair. Brisbane, was, is and always will be the big country town, should revolt against this. I don't want a program airing, where people will flick off more than they will flick on. THISafternoon has no place on Brisbane screens, if it's live, it will be delayed, during daylight saving.

This blog has supporters, from many places, feel free to leave a comment. But this campaign's backbone is the development of a slogan, and a Facebook presence.

The Slogan is simply: Brisbane TV-Let's Make It Local!

What I want to see more of, during the current global financial crisis, is a increased spend on local programming (which creates local jobs, both directly and indirectly), not decreased spend and decreased quality. Look at Brisbane Ten's news, they have a outdated set, and no local promotion. Seven's 50th planning has been flawed, as well as a reluctance to revive the Love You Brisbane campaign and a need for local programming outside weekends. Nine is the latest member of the cutting localism club, with the Sydney ordered axing of Extra, to bolster their news. Last time I checked, Extra was beating Deal or No Deal.

To help push the campaign, I wish to start with a boycott, of Seven's networked programming, as well as their news as part of pressure for more local programming on 7. Refuse to watch Sunrise, The Morning Show, any 7 News bulletin (including 6pm), Deal or No Deal, Today Tonight and Sunday Night, until they replace Deal with a respectable local program and return to Brisbane screens a local Today Tonight.

Victorians who have moved up here in the last twenty years may remember the struggles that Melbourne had in 1987, when their Channel 7 was bought out, and wrecked. I urge Brisbane to remember this saying...

Say No To Networking! Say Love You Brisbane.

The address for the Facebook group (Brisbanites Against the Axing of Brisbane Extra) is: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=88637576867

Brisbane is waiting for the response...

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Founder of Brisbanites Against the Axing of Brisbane Extra.
Founder of the Love You Brisbane Appreciation Society.
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