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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The road to August 16: Update

Hi everyone!

I am just announcing, that due to some unexpected recent events, the 50 Years Of Brisbane TV Part 6 post will be delayed until mid July. It will be posted as a doubleheader, with Part 7, on July 16.

Also, I can now reveal, that on QTQ's birthday weekend, there will be a top 50 list, inspired by the recent successful Q150 Icons poll. Ours will have five categories, each with ten slots each, Think of it to be our version of 50 to 1. The categories are as follows:
The 10 greatest Brisbane TV personalities of the past 50 years
The 10 greatest Brisbane produced TV programs of the past 50 years
The 10 most memorable local promotion campaigns of the past 50 years
The 10 greatest "Only In Brisbane" TV moments of the past 50 years
The 10 greatest interstate TV decisions to affect Queenslanders in the past 50 years

The top moment/personality/program/campaign/decision will become the "unofficial" icons of Brisbane TV, over the last fifty years. The QTQ birthday itself, will be home to Part 8, which is unknown at this time. The post "tagline" (not tags, but the catchy name) will also be unveiled on the day, when the post is published.

But the 50 Years posts may not stop on August 16. More will be known in due time.

Also, stay tuned around the 23rd of July, as we will have a special post, talking about the 20th anniversary of the event that sent Ten on the path to today's youth network, that is "Becoming 10 TV Australia: 20 Years On." We will have some of the ID's as well as the "Something's Going On Around Here" campaign, which preluded the switch.

Enjoy reading,
See you in mid-July!

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