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Friday, July 31, 2009

50 years of Brisbane TV: Special Announcement

I remember saying back on June 25, that the 50 Years Of Brisbane TV blog series may not end with the upcoming QTQ fiftieth. Well, I have a major announcement, and...

There will be four more installments, due before the end of 2009!

Also, the "Top 50" list is currently being collated, in preparation for the unveiling on August 15, and lets just say, there is a few surprises, including the "Only In Brisbane" category, which has been broadened to include some fads, that Brisbane took hold of, and our local events, that define what being a Brisbanite is.

The QTQ fiftieth post's title will also be revealed now.
The blogs title will be "Still The One: 50 Years of Brisbane's Channel 9."

Why Still The One? Simply, Nine in Brisbane has gone through some down times in the ratings, on the opposite end of the network scale, during those first fifty years, yet it always will have the bragging rights, as the first commercial station outside Sydney and Melbourne to open, (and incidently the first of the stations turning fifty in 2009 (QTQ-9,BTQ-7,NWS-9,ADS-10 and TVW-7) to mark their birthday) as well as the first TV station in Queensland, hence the old Nine tagline, "Still The One" will always apply to QTQ, no matter what place it finishes in the ratings.

So, sit back on QTQ birthday weekend, and celebrate Brisbane's TV history, with the Top 50, and the QTQ fiftieth post.

(Note: There will be a special post or two soon, talking about my personal vision (not Seven's) of the future of BTQ-7, something that has been a real talking point lately, and what BTQ needs to do for the big 5-0.)

And one more thing: GO! launches soon: Don't forget to rescan your digital recievers!

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