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Sunday, August 30, 2009

BTQ-7's role in the Brisbane area: Part 2-The stations 50th...

As most readers have known, with my recent post, asking Seven to stop turning it's collective back on Brisbane viewers and pour money into BTQ's future, this blog is often very critical of Seven, in a complete 360 of what the "old" media often portrays, which should be standing up for the common viewer, especially in light of recent events, eg. Extra axing.

So what if you are #1? QTQ-9's fiftieth outshone expectations (I was expecting one 50th special from Nine, we got two, as well as QTQ's news being done from the Ekka and possibly a new set for the 6pm news), while BTQ's has been lacklustre so far. Hell, it's Seven Network partner TVW-7 in Perth has done more for their fiftieth, than BTQ-7.

It is simply a case of what the viewers want, the viewers won't get. Say if a poll was taken amongst Brisbane viewers, and the results came back overwhelmingly for a Love You Brisbane revival, would Seven take it up? But now we go to the three subjects that will dominate the BTQ-7 fiftieth celebrations.

#1-The Love You Brisbane revival.
Seven has to get this right, the first time. No darn TV man, no Kochie and Mel, nothing that was part of the networking of BTQ, that it has to be 100% local. I am talking about programs like Family Feud, Popcorn, Brownies Coastwatch, Local Edition, Sportscene, the original Gladiators and of course Agro's Cartoon Connection. Those are merely a snippet of Brisbane viewers memories of Channel 7 in the last five decades, and combined with the market value of the Love You Brisbane campaign, it will finally wake viewers up to BTQ's fiftieth, and the fact that Seven's "trying" to lure a audience in, that is completely opposite to what "heartland" is.

#2-The fiftieth special.
Nothing much to be said, but it has to have retro program footage, older personalities, at least a decent mention of our fallen stars, and be the spark for at least some proper local programming to return in 2010 and beyond.

#3-The host of said 50th special.
BTQ's fiftieth is a occasion. It does not need any cross promotion, of the news, but the right host needs to be found. I honestly do not want John Schluter hosting any BTQ fiftieth special, as he is a bad choice, and the fact that he has been at the station for only two years.
My second choice, is the person who put in the hard yards, trying to make the best of a bad situation, working nearly two weeks straight over summer 08/09 reading news, and is also the state political reporter for Seven, Patrick Condren.
But my first choice, has to be the tireless worker for Seven's news, and most importantly their fiftieth, and never gets a turn at on-air presenting. My choice for host... is Seven News reporter, Peter Doherty.
Why a reporter, particularly Peter? I have heard from many sources, that Peter has been scouring tapes, for footage for the station's 50th, since late last year, and has gone to great lengths to make sure nothing is left out, including from outside sources.

Seven, Don't ruin the Brisbane fiftieth, by making it about the last two years of success. Make it for George Wallace Jr, Brian Tait and Tony Gordon (three people, that BTQ raised and in turn shaped BTQ and sadly not with us today), not Kay McGrath, Rod Young and John Schluter.

Don't ruin the Brisbane fiftieth, by emphasising networking over localism.

And most importantly Don't ruin the Brisbane fiftieth by not respecting what made you who you are today, people like Eric Summons, bands like Wickety Wak and the most important person, the Brisbane viewers that made Seven in the past, that supported State Affair, that supported Boris's Breakfast Club, Seven's Super Saturday and Wombat, that are now yearning for more local content.

This is also, my open invitation, to former BTQ staffers, personalities etc. as well as the general public to share their BTQ stories, whether they brought down the house, or visited the numerous open days, and also can share their personal vision for Seven Brisbane's fiftieth.


  1. I 100% agree with all you said. I personally know a few of the past stars of BTQ Seven and , I just know that they are all shaking their heads with disaproval of what is happening right now up at the mountain. Gone are the " Local " days - now it is National content - with head office budget only - nothing for " Local " productions. They really need to,listern to the public

  2. What about Pat Welsh presenting a special? He's been there for eons. Much longer than Kay, Rod and John.

  3. @Anon2 Completely forgot about Pat, you hardly see him on the news these days...