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Friday, September 18, 2009

Local content & (Super) Saturday morning fun.

Seven... It's due.

I am personally fed up, with Seven and it's lack of action on local content.

Local content keeps Queenslanders in jobs, not pretaped advertorials, not 1/2hr long local events, not successful news, not successful programming.

The message is being sent by Brisbane viewers... by simply plowing down Deal or No Deal.

I honestly think Deal's going down the tubes in Brisbane, due to the audience wanting more from Seven. Brisbane viewers may love Seven's news, but are treating the lead-in, like it was the sole reason Extra was chucked off air. Nine News is hurting too, but Brisbane viewers had taken their aggression, not on Eddie McGuire (a Millionaire boycott was expected), but on Andrew O'Keefe. The viewers don't want a second generation O'Keefe, they want a second generation Extra. If Seven even cared about Brisbane viewers, they should really consider, buying from Nine, the Extra format and reboot the program on Seven, (as a in-house, rather than a outsourced production like the advertorials) replacing Deal, by the start of 2010.

I would reckon, that any "new" version of Brisbane Extra would rate well, as viewers would crave it, and have longed for it's welcome return. Loyalty is expensive, but would be worth it if Seven took a gamble, and revived, what many thought would never make it past it's first year, let alone a 18 year successful run on Nine.

But now onto another topic.

With the recent spirit of mass web campaigning, which has led to the short term revival of Hey Hey It's Saturday, it made me wonder... Because Channel 7 is turning fifty this year, and to show our appreciation, for the great programs that BTQ made in the station's heyday, I thought it would be novel, to simply ask Seven, for 1980's Brisbane-only kids program, Seven's Super Saturday, to come back, for one more show. That's right, a chance for Brisbane viewers to honour Boris The Black Knight, and his great contribution to BTQ-7's 1980's golden era, a chance for Agro to get up to his old tricks and a chance for Brisbane to celebrate 50 years of Channel 7, with a local product coming back out of retirement at least for one day.

There is a Facebook group ready to go! So Brisbane, It's time, for... Seven's Super Saturday to return, back to our screens.

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  1. Where is all the information on Channel O's Kids Incorporated and It's a Small World for Brisbane...Channel O Saturday Show etc