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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kuttsywood's Couch's 2nd annual guide to Daylight Saving FTA delays in QLD.

"It"'s back for 2009/10. Of course I am referring to Daylight Saving, which Queensland does not have.
This post was so popular last year, that the people at DS4SEQ (aka the Daylight Saving For South East Queensland political party, here in Queensland) used it as a effective source, and help spread the message of the "true" cost of having no Daylight Saving in Queensland in a networked TV world (losing ad share), being delays, by the bowlful.

This year there is a main difference, with the addition of schedules for commercial digital multichannels One HD, GO! and Seven's new SD "72" schedules due soon, as well as detailed analysis on cricket, SuperGP, tennis and Sydney's NYE telecast times and delays.

The list begins as follows:
Digital multichannels:

One HD: (HD feed available in both Ten [Brisbane/Gold Coast] (Ch 1) and Southern Cross Ten coverage areas [including Nthn NSW overlap] (Ch 50) , SD feed only available in Brisbane/Gold Coast areas covered by Ten on Ch 12.)

Thursday Night Live: delayed one hour, except SC10 GC.
Most live One-exclusive sport (i.e non AU anti-siphoning list/o'seas, eg MLB, NFL etc.): always live, into all coverage areas.
Anti-Siphoning list sports, that will air on Ten, and One's HD feed: most likely live.
One-exclusive Sports Tonight screenings: delayed one hour except SC10 GC.

GO! (SD-only channel, available on Win in aggregated regional Queensland on Ch 88, Nine in Brisbane and Gold Coast on Ch 99, and NBN Gold Coast on Ch 88)
Currently this channel also runs on a national ad feed, prior to the full launch on October 4.
Post October 4: most likely live in Queensland with a QLD specific ad feed, GO!88 Gold Coast will take a NSW specific ad feed and operate on Sydney time.

Seven/Prime GC 2nd SD, rumored to be "72": Major update will be done, when schedules for this channel are announced closer to the startup date.

Commercial FTA Channels:
Brisbane Ten/Southern Cross Ten:
5pm weekday news from Brisbane, aired statewide: Live.
National news programming (Late News/Meet The Press/Morning News/Early News/weekend news): delayed one hour, except for breaking news.
7PM Project: delayed one hour.
Rove: delayed one hour.
Australian Idol: delayed one hour, SMS and Phone voting start and finish times are listed in Sydney time not Queensland time.
Celebrity Masterchef: Sorry Anna, your constituents will be seeing you cook up a hour delay.
Sport: See One HD.

Nine Brisbane/Win Queensland.
6pm news: Live, including timeslot changes during cricket matches.
ACA: Delayed by up to one & a half hours depending on screening time in your area, (6:30 QTQ, 7pm WIN).
Networked news programming: (11am/4:30/Late News) Delayed by one hour, unless breaking news. Note: Early News isn't listed, as it is a taped bulletin shared with Qantas.
Today & Weekend Today: Delayed by one hour, bar NRL Grand Final day.
Kids WB: live segments may not air in Brisbane, Cartoons will probably run on fixed schedules.
Second Hey Hey reunion special: Sorry Daryl, delayed by one hour into QLD.
Sport: Cricket and 2010 Winter Olympics, see Specific events. Australian Masters Golf, a hour delay likely. NRL Grand Final, live into Queensland, Horse racing during Spring Racing Carnival that Nine has rights to (eg Cox Plate), live with pre-news filler.

Seven Brisbane/Seven Queensland
6pm Brisbane/6pm regional bulletin: Live.
TT (Brisbane only): Delayed one hour.
Sunday Night: The big exclusive? It's delayed one hour.
Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise: delayed one hour.
All networked news programming: delayed one hour.
Sport: Summer of Tennis, Bathurst 1000, Melbourne Cup see Specific events. Other V8 races excluding Super GP (including 2010 Clipsal 500), live, with extra filler programming in Queensland when Syd-Melb goes to 6pm news/5pm programming.

Specific Events, that need more information

Bathurst 1000: Friday practice session-delayed, Top 10 Saturday-delayed, Race day Sunday-Live from 5am, with filler after Sydney-Melb goes to 6pm news.
Cricket: Tests, ODI's and 20-20's at the Gabba, Live depending on ticket sales. Tests and ODI's in Adelaide, live, with Nine News in ODI innings break. Tests and ODI's in Perth, live, with Nine News in Test tea break and ODI innings break. Tests, ODI's and 20-20's played in NSW/Vic/Tas, mainly live, with filler programming for Tests, and Nine News in innings break for ODI's.
2010 Winter Olympics: Events shared with Foxtel, all Nine covered events may be delayed.
Melbourne Cup: Live with filler programming after Syd/Melb go to Seven News.
Seven's Summer Of Tennis: Brisbane International: Live. Sydney International: Some matches live, most delayed. Australian Open: timing will vary depending on Australians performance, all finals, live.

Un-network affiliated events
Gold Coast A1 Super GP/V8 Round: Will be live into Queensland, FTA rights holder currently undecided at posting, most likely will not air on FTA.
Sydney's NYE: Will be delayed into Queensland, FTA rights holder not available, as of posting.

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