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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kuttsy's Pitch: Fixing Seven Brisbane's 5:30 dilemma.

Sitting down at home, bored as a sack of potatoes, I thought back to an post I was supposed to feature on here, around a year ago, concerning Ten's 7pm post Big Brother. I never started it, but it got me thinking, with the recent lows Deal or No Deal has been getting in Brisbane, if say, Seven were to move Deal to 5pm, what would Seven put at 5:30...

Note: These suggestions are only theoretical.

The first one should be a lock and would work well with all Brisbane-only options:
Seven News-Gold Coast Edition: A news bulletin, produced by Seven (initially using the former TT set area at BTQ (currently used by a once per week lotto draw), while Seven finds GC facilities) and anchored by Rob Brough (moving up from Seven Queensland's Sunshine Coast news service) with Seven's Gold Coast bureau being expanded into a mini-newsroom.

But now here are some other great options which would simply be Brisbane-only programming.
Afternoons with Liz: Liz Cantor would be able to finally shake off the "surfer girl" image with this program. More of a talkshow, with some puff pieces, Afternoons with Liz would be a return to a older style of local television, where visiting guests would appear on local programs to promote their concert/exhibition/whatever.

P.M. Magazine: A revival of the mid 1980's Brisbane produced light news program, originally hosted by Nev Roberts and Janne Rayner, with the duo of Talitha Cummins and Triple M's Ian Skippen, P.M. Magazine would be a whole new look, into our home town, rather than rely on stories from the satellite. The lineup of reporters dedicated to this program would be recruited from all corners of Brisbane, and the program would specialise in live content.

Jillian Whiting's Brisbane: A serious current affairs program, also being the revival, of Haydn Sargent's Brisbane, from thirty years ago. This program is not afraid to tackle the hard issues, concerning Queenslanders, not the trivial subjects that current affairs programs use in this day and age. The line-up of reporters would be fitting of this type of program, including the host, experienced journalist Jillian Whiting.

And finally... Brisbane Extra: Name brands, don't come up that often in television, especially those with the longevity of Brisbane Extra. Simply, Seven would buy the rights, off Nine to the Brisbane Extra brand (excluding the 1992-2009 Nine archive, but Seven would have access to it, if story research warranted), the presence at OurBrisbane (also allowing for a development of a proper 7 Brisbane web presence, incorporating the weekend advertorial and newsroom) and a great program, whose demise, accelerated Deal's fall from grace in Brisbane, and which a lot of people miss.

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