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Thursday, December 31, 2009

TVQ-0/10 45th... What should occur.

We are, less than a day away from 2010. Brisbane TV's fiftieth, was a glittering event, even though it was let down a little bit by the Extra axing, but it has invoked a new spirit in Brisbane viewers, to look for what's different, for it is this search, that has caused Deal Or No Deal to bottom out.

But there was another group of people, who were also watching these good events with interest. The R.A.T.S. (Radio and Television Survivors, a group of former Brisbane TV and radio personalities) were at some of the fiftieth events put on by 7 and 9, and recently, there was a reunion function for some TVQ-0/10 staff at a notable Brisbane hotel, which got me wondering...

Should Ten have a local 45th special, in July 2010?

I honestly think, they should. There has to be a million stories to be told, about Brisbane's third commercial station. After all, Brisbane Ten, would never be where it is in 2010, without the 23 years, 2 months, 9 days, 8 hours, it spent as TVQ-0, either branded as Channel 0 (or later on TV0) prior to converting to 10. There is a patchwork quilt of events, that TVQ-0/10 have covered, in the last 36 years of news (TVQ never had news initially), not to mention the promos, and events the station themselves took part in, most notably World Expo 88, where the entire station was under the "microscope" for six months.

So, I say to Ten, TVQ-10 is no longer the black sheep, but is deserving of it's own special chronicling the station's past, not a cheesy one-size fits all special, mainly focusing on Sydney/Melbourne. Surely if a local special went ahead, Seven would give clearance for Kay McGrath and Nine would give clearance to Rob Readings, to return home for one night to give the TVQ 45th special some "credibility". Add a couple of retro promos (even some retro ad breaks, expanding on the idea from the US Life on Mars in 2009, in which Ten ran old commercials for current advertisers) and you have a event equal to or better than the 50th specials 7 and 9 offered in 2009.

Any ex-TVQ'ers leave a comment, and if this gets up to TVQ-10, I really hope it does go ahead.

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  1. Our guys would love a reunion with Jackie MacDonald . We started out with Jackie Mac dioing the Jackie Macdonald Breakie show from 1979-1982. We have been asked by the many fans that they would love to see us with Jackie again for one last time. We have the last surviving 1 inch master of outtake from the show left from the library throwout .