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Friday, January 1, 2010

A new year, a new decade and a new attitude.

What a journey. Two years ago, I set this blog up, on New Years Day, with some "crazy" promises. Wait... I had no crazy promises. But this being our "official" second birthday, I'd thought I'd unveil the next phase, in the blog's evolution (and the "kw" branding's official introduction to this blog, after being "soft-introduced" through the Youtube page in July 2009) and make it "official" that we are Kuttsywood's Couch, with our new "blog image".

We here at Kuttsywood's Couch, are also using the technology of a new decade to change, with it, to move with the trends, to grow our fanbase. We absolutely promote the art of tweeting on Twitter, and since August, most, if not all posts, have been fed through Twitterfeed (a handy and free, service, that is also used by whatsonthetube.net and various other outlets), to our Twitter account, which is www.twitter.com/LYBASkw. We are also gearing up to launch our Facebook page in a few weeks, which will be a expansion on what we do around here, including, a encouragement to talk on issues, and we won't be faceless.

2010 is a big year including, Mildura analogue switchoff in June, Brisbane Ten 45th in July, and Queensland regional aggregation's 20th anniversary on New Years Eve 2010. Soon there will be a special post, combining links for the 13 "50 Years of Brisbane TV" posts from last year (the twelve monthly posts, and the top 50 from August 15) into a easy reference guide.

So, to our (growing) audience, happy 2010, and I hope 2010 is full of good news for the Queensland TV industry, not the bad news we have had to put up with (along with Seven's inaction on 5:30) for most of 2009.

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