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Friday, February 25, 2011

The return of the poll...

With a new year, comes new questions: one being asked by people, working at Seven right now, is: why is Deal or No Deal struggling, with a hour-long national news lead-in in Brisbane, while Hot Seat is thriving?

The answer may be as clear as mud, or it could be simple. I'd say, it's eighteen months of decline, tied in with the first major change to Seven's news lead-in period since Wheel of Fortune was axed in 2006, resulting in Deal having a weaker lead-in than it did with MASH repeats, and coincidently dragging shares down for the 4:30-6pm time period. I'm about to show you the two alternative Yes options, but I will quickly explain what the No option entails: simply, advising Seven to do nothing about their lead-in, which is something that they have done well for the last year and a half, while ratings slid.

Now, to explain each Yes option, I have listed the pros/cons, alongside the respective option.
Yes, as long as Deal is at 5pm: PROS: Seven can revive ratings for both 5pm and 5:30, utilizing a creative local solution for 5:30.
CONS: 4:30 news is cut back to a half hour bulletin, people may not be aware of the move, needs very heavy promotion.

Yes, I wouldn't mind it on 7Two in Queensland: PROS: Will attract viewers to 7Two, hourlong 4:30 news is retained leading into a revamped 5:30 slot on the main channel.
CONS: 7Two is a digital station, there is a need for improved take up in Brisbane, to make any one-city move viable, would need expensive promotion, equivalent to the amount Ten spent on Neighbours moving to Eleven, which would be cost prohibitive.

Come and take your choice, as it ends in mid March, and we will look at the results then.

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