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Friday, April 1, 2011

The debut of the new image...

I don't know how to say this: but I am using April Fools Day, to spring a surprise.
And believe it or not, it's not a prank. The Kuttsywoods Couch "family" is going to grow bigger.

Let's just say, it's a dream I've had for more than twelve months, and am proud to announce it today.

Kuttsywoods Couch is proud to announce, we are launching our spin-off site on Tumblr, fittingly called: "Kuttsywoods Couchcushion". It has been in the pipeline since late 2009, originally as a second blog, that would be updated rapidly: but has been waiting for the right delivery medium. It's a new beginning, and this place will always be home to the longform blog post. It's our bread and butter: salt and pepper: fish, chips and vinegar, whatever analogy you want from it. So, it starts today.
And this new beginning starts with the launch topic: Our first regular "segment", 5:30 In Brisbane, is a weekly local 5:30 ratings wrap, just when it has become interesting, with Ten News now going until 6:30pm weeknights from next week. This will include both weekday and weekend ratings for a simple and even comparison, will be #1 off the rank. This "segment" will be normally, a Monday night/Tuesday morning staple (depending on when Seven upload their local press releases/availability of GSE/QW ratings.)

It all begins now, and fast at kuttsywoodscouchcushion.tumblr.com 
It will also be fed through our highly successful Twitter account, as well as a feed on this site.

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