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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The 2016 Relaunch Spectacular

2016. And with the belated arrival of a new year, we kick off the year soon, with Kuttsy’s Radio Pitch: our look on who could and should shape 4BC once the “Duplicate 2GB” experiment is seen as more failure for a station that has seen too much of it in the last decade.  It indeed is the second spin-off to the Kuttsy’s Pitch brand, but will indeed share the charm that made Kuttsy’s Pitch VII: Unlucky7 so noteworthy.

Kuttsy’s Pitch VIII: #bringrickto7.
Coming on August 29: ten years to the day, Nine let go of Rick Burnett, the eighth main-line instalment of Kuttsy’s Pitch (provided Seven don’t admit the Chase is a failure in SEQ) will be on it’s way, with the beauty of a tree, and the speed of a Olympic sprinter. The great post-Olympic hope… that Seven hopes won’t happen, but will if they do nothing: especially in Brisbane, as Seven have finally, confirmed their long held GC ambitions.
Excerpt from Courier-Mail's QConfidential 28/2/2016
But right now, we have one simple line that Seven should understand. “We will, we will, Rick you.”

The Hypermarket War:

Last year’s first great hope, will finally arrive. Thank the Masters failure for the rewrite of the end. That technically means I made it with Masters… right?

30 For 60: The 30 greatest ads in the history of Australian television.
Another of last year’s great hopes, coming in later this year.

Moreton Bay Rail Reality: A indepth look at the challenges, and benefits, Moreton Bay Rail will bring to the Moreton Bay region, and SEQ in general. Coming two weeks after Queensland Rail announces a operational start (i.e. timetables, etc.) for the line.

The Not So Golden Years of Television:
Kuttsywood’s Couchcushion’s cult series will return for a second season later this year after “International Invasion” winds up. (The latest edition: “9/9/1999:How Nine got it so wrong” is up right now). The second series will also leave our shores, and give a look to overseas as well as downunder, for some stuff that Australians won’t understand, but would laugh at all the same.

The Social Media Evolution.
Stay tuned, later this year as we unveil three new initiatives for this site: all social media based, and will be exciting for all involved!
1: Mt Coot-tha Memories: Our new spinoff from Lost TVQ, that focuses on the entire story up on Mt Coot-tha. Building on the work of the Lost TVQ FB page, and the recently departed BTQ Memories FB group, this new Facebook Page will come online in mid-May, with a hope that there will be more admins on board, compared with the Lost TVQ solo effort.
2: Kuttsywood’s Couch on Facebook. Long promised, and long hoped for, this site will finally launch it’s own official FB presence, at around the same time as Mt Coot-tha Memories.
And 3: (drumroll) Kuttsywood on Instagram. A new look at today’s Australian TV industry, one meme at a time. #digitalpuppetnewsteam.

Our new look:
This site, is heading towards a major milestone in two years time. Ten years in operation, and we’ve never looked better. However, as of today, we move towards that milestone, with a significant departure from the Gen 1-3 look.

Simply, it’s living colour, as we roll along towards a greater project, which will be unveiled on January 2, 2018: (the date most notably mentioned in the preshow for long deceased Sydney’s Wonderland ride, Space Probe 7). Codenamed, “Project Ether”: it will revolutionise this site, entering into it’s second decade. Keep watching, throughout the next two years, as we aim towards the arrival of Kuttsywood’s Couch’s fifth generation look, one that will be radically different than the Gen 4 look you see launched today, let alone previous looks. Let’s just say, we will be cutting ties with a section of the total site look that has “evolved” in the same way for eight years at that point.

So, enjoy 2016, and don’t forget: Kuttsy’s Radio Pitch, is coming…


  1. Hello Kuttsywood, I have been reading your blogs for quite awhile and I genuinely enjoy them. I find them insightful, as they fill in a lot of gaps about Brisbane TV and radio. I also see that you are quite precise with dates, so I'm wondering if you have any information about the following and fill in some gaps for me:- whatever happened to Tracey Dyson and Tony Ryan from TV0 (they seemed to disappear after Expo)?; what year did Alan McGirvan leave 4IP?; when did Wayne Poo leave 4BC?; and whatever happened to Nev Roberts from BTQ7? If you could fill in those gaps for me, I'd be very much obliged to you! Cheers!

    1. Tony Ryan is a regular visitor to the Lost TVQ Facebook page, believe it or not: (https://www.facebook.com/Lost.TVQ/), Last I heard career wise, he was doing radio news at 4BC.

  2. Great, thank you for that information, Kuttsywood, it is much appreciated. Have you any information on the other broadcasters that I mentioned? And one more for the mix - Chuck Hobler? Thanks again!