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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Content Survey Live 2021: Lexicon News, Night 3.


 For those who have missed last week's action:

10 Week:

Just when you thought it was safe to turn off the content survey for another year, here we are again together for a second week, albeit one with a difference.

This, is the third night of Lexicon News.

The Ground Rules:

The ground rules, for the Lexicon News event, are taken from a promo, in 1987: that compared Seven's second attempt at 1hr news in Brisbane, with Nine's 1/2hr product that became dominant at the exact same time.
As it described:
"If you are watching a half-hour news, take out the weather, sport, opening music, hello's and goodbyes and the commercials, and you could only get about 12 minutes of real news each night."

Thus the ground rules for the Lexicon News challenge are for five nights:
-Time the length of the bulletin, from the moment the first story intro begins at 6, to the time the throw to sport begins, on both bulletins.
-Write down every story on the 1hr version, and compare with the half hour version to see how much content is removed.
-Subtract the BNE timing from the regional timing to get the amount of time lost to regional QLD viewers each night by simply trimming the BTQ news bulletin.
-Ultimately: add up all the figures, and come up with a final set of numbers at the end of the week.

Now, lets get stepping towards tonight's look at news you can use... that won't ultimately make the final cut.

We now can reveal the third night of results of the Lexicon News survey. These results will be out within the same night, unless it is impractical to do so, as these will not require ratings data (unlike the five 10's surveyed last week.)

Now, we have a chronological overview of the BTQ bulletin as it aired in Brisbane between the opener and sport. Stories shared with the regional cut, are marked in bold and red.

(Opener) Hotel quarantine capacity reached (no interstate hotspot arrivals for two weeks), desk live cross, GC border effects, border live cross, Mungindi live cross, Mungindi story, travel bubbles plan, promo for story on people r.e HQ capacity, M1 gravel truck crash at Pimpama, house fire at Molendinar, Afghan story, Paralympics day 1 story, Paralympics opening ceremony (end of segment 1)
(Start of Segment 2) Boat overturned at Turkey Beach, Naplan results revealed, Minnesota wildfire, WA border breach by caravan (end of Segment 2)
(Start of Segment 3) QLD pause on hotel quarantine: people's take, drug bust, Charlie Watts (of the Rolling Stones) passing away (End of Segment 3)
(Start of Segment 4) Fuelcast/Finance, Australia Post hiring blitz pre-Christmas rush, Kerry Stokes resigning as 7 Group chairman (but emphisised that Kerry still is chairman of Seven West Media), Italy living with COVID, Guyra farmer viral video, post sport promo. (intro to sport.)

The timing tonight in Brisbane added up to 31 minutes even.

We again watched the regional cut, from a recording we prepared on standby: which we timed and added up to: 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

Therefore, Seven lexiconed from their Brisbane news hour a grand total of 20 minutes 30 seconds, with a total lexiconed so far this week of 62 minutes 30 seconds.

Too busy listening to the regional viewer's favorite Rolling Stones song (especially in the wake of regional news changes in July) to find Ubu tonight..."

Rolling Stones, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (on the Ed Sullivan Show), from Stereo Masters on Youtube.

See you on Friday, for another two editions of Lexicon News (Thursday's prepared like a konbini onigiri due to being impractical to do so in the sense we did Lexicon News for the first three nights: same night posting that is!) with Friday's being fresher than a tuna at a tuna auction... Both posts will be taking news presentation to new lengths!

Lexicon News Week:

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